Cyberwarfare & Cybersecurity tools

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Cyber Security Tools list 2012

This list is an collection of cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools. Security tools that have been collected from the internet can be found here.

Google Dorks 2013

Here you can find a list of Google Dorks that you can use in 2013. The Google Dorks that you can find here are collected from the internet.

BackTrack 5 R3: How to start Armitage

BackTrack 5 R3 has been released for a while.

Cyber Security tools list 2014

2014 will bring a lot of new challenges and so it is wise to arm yourself with the finest cyber security tools that can be downloaded for free or c

What kind of penetration testing tool do you use? And prefer?

The PenTest Magazine

The PenTest Magazine is a magazine that is devoted exclusively to penetration test

Massive free open source tools list 2012

This massive list with free open source tools will help you collect the OSINT that you need. OSINT tools are used for open source intelligence researches.

Free Cyber Security Tools list 2013

Are you searching for free security tools that you can use on your Windows 8 or Linux environment?

Facebook cracker v1

Since recently we are starting to provide our PenTesting tools.

The Trouble with Cyber Arms Control

 These are early days in the age of cyberwar.

FinFisher: Egypt, FinFisher Intrusion Tools and Ethics

There's unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and elsewhere in the

#opHORIZON: Awakenings in the world 2012

When we look back we will see the year of 2011 as a year of great awakenings in the world.  In 2012 we set our sights on new Horizons.  W

Attacking A ToR Network

gAtO hAs- found that there are a few ways to attack a secure network some is old fashion technology and some more modern. The FBI and Secret Service and other international law enforcement have used these technique and they have been de-classified:  Let’s take a look at:


Monitoring Cyber Iran and Syria in the ToR network

gAtO wAs mOnItOrInG – bad ToR-Relays and found that during this unrest in Iran and Syria. We have 17 bad ToR-Relays 95% in Iran and Syria.

Hack any Facebook account with this brute force tool

Hackers are always looking for the fastest and most silent way to break in to an account.

Weaponized Malware: Top Four Cyberattack Tools

Over the past two years, four pieces of malware have emerged as veritable weapons and have been used for destructive purposes or to assist in such

Malware research: Simple Malware Research Tools

Published: 2012-02-20, 

Massive collection of leaked passwords

A hacker will need a good collection of passwords which can be used to brute force login forms. This password collection is free and it can be used for tools like 'Cain & Abel', John the Ripper and 'THC Hydra'. 

We have made this list as it is hard to find good password lists online. Most of the time you will have to pay for them or you will get a limited password list. These password lists can be used by penetration testers to audit their target. On the internet you can find a lot of password collections, searching for password torrent files always provides some password file resources. Using Pastebin as a resource for passwords will provide you some passwords as a lot of hackers leak database information on Pastebin.

Security tools 2013

Are you searching for security tools to defend yourself in 2013? or are you searching for hacking tools to pentest your environment?

TOOL: iKAT Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool + download

iKAT was designed to aid security consultants with the task of auditing the security of browser controlled environments such as Kiosks, Citrix Term

Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty project

PORTAL is a project that aims to keep people out of jail.

Bot-Trek Group-IB software: Botnet intelligence collector tool

Group-IB, Russia's leading computer security company, has announced Bot-Trek(TM), a comprehensive tool that gathers compromised data and intelligence from botnets and makes it available to the original Intellectual Property owners via a SaaS solution.

FIREBrick: DIY open source hardware write blocker & disk imager

Cybercrime has been a growing concern for the past two decades.

Cyberwarfare: Pentagon goes hyper on cyber war tools

  WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is establishing a fast-track acquisition process that would enable it to develop new cyber warfare capabilities within days or months if urgently needed, the Defense Department said in a report to Congress.

Web Application Security & Auditing tools for Google Chrome

The Chrome browser has the possibility to add plugins, but when it comes to security auditing plugins the main browser you think of is Firefox.

Meet MiniFlame, The Ninja Assassin of Cyber Warfare Tools

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have been patiently picking apart the ingenious malware packages that romped through computer networks in the Middle East, sucking up data and destroying Iranian nuclear centrifuges and it seems Kaspersky finds a new addition to the allegedly U.S. and Israeli-sponsored family of cyber-weapons every other month. Monday theyannounced the discovery of the Flame malware’s baby cousin, MiniFlame.

Is your computer slow? These tricks might help you

Working with an slow computer is a real pain in the ass .

Cyberwarzone RAT - FREE DOWNLOAD - wanted by each hacker

If you are searching for a free RAT then you need to read this article -- we have edited one of the most downloaded Remote Administration Tool which you can find on the internet and made it in such a way that it will help you achieve your goals. Remote administration tools can be used in various ways - they can be used by parents to keep track of their children at home or they can be used to manage multiple computers at once. 

Free Remote Administration Tools

Are you searching for a free remote administration tool (RAT) like the DarkComet RAT? Well we have collected several free RATS which will allow you to dominate the internet. Just remember that you only use these tools for educational purposes. These administration tools are made in various forms, you have the slim and fast ones and you have the strong ones like the DarkComet RAT.