TeamCyberConfl!ct hacks & gives $7500 to random PKR players

TeamCyberConfl!ct has been generous this time. The hackers obtained access to the servers and successfully granted 1000 players on the network a free hacking bonus of $7500 dollar. 

The world wide known poker website were the victim of a successful attack by TeamCyberConfl!ct the Poker website that has over a million players reported on the website that they suffered an cyber attack from foreign IP's and that they are asking the people to not deposit the money on their private banking accounts as said that they are going to recover the stolen money. 

SCENARIO PKR HACKED urges people to keep money on their account.

Disclosure immediately informed the users of that they had been breached by an cyber attack. turned the service offline and had multiple security experts ready to research the attack and eventually close the vulnerability. 

However the users of that received the $7500 dollars went crazy. On twitter you can see that the users that received the money immediately deposited it to their banking account. Some even showed off their new car that they bought with the $7500. 

Girl shows off new car after getting the $7500

So what would you do if you got money from Hackers that are being generous? Would you keep the money? or would you send it back to it's rightful owner? 


scenario - this did not happen

TeamCyberConfl!ct is a fake hacking group that is made to build scenario's. This event did not happen.