TeamCyberConfl!ct cyber warriors

TeamCyberConfl!ct is an imaginary hacking group that is made up  so they can fit perfectly in an scenario. This hacking group started in the year 2013 and very little is known about this group. Some think that there are multiple persons behind TeamCyberConfl!ct and some think that is just an one man army that is running the team. 

The team is known for their attacks like the Drone Hijacking event that took place in New York City and the take over of the SCADA network of NYC. TeamCyberConfl!ct also took responsebility for the attack on the Iranian city, Tehran, there the team took over C&C centers and launched multiple fajr-5 missiles. 

Type of hackers; Cyber warriors. 


TeamCyberConfl!ct is an fake group and does not excist. All the articles published on Cyberwarzone containing TeamCyberConfl!ct are simple scenario's. Do not see this scenario's as real events.