#opIsrael: Hackers launch opisrael.com website

The promised attack on Israel that will take place on the 7th of April is spreading fast. Participants and supporters of the operation can now find the operation online at opisrael.com.

Various aggressive hacking teams are planning to launch a massive cyber attack on Israeli domains. AnonGhost told Cyberwarzone that they will initiate the attack on the 7th of April. 

#opIsrael is an operation that is going to start on the 7th of April. AnonGhost says that the hacking teams have decided to unite as one entity and that Israel should be getting prepared to be "erased" from the internet. The project got initiated by AnonGhost. 

Cyberwarzone received a short list of the teams that are going to be supporting the #opIsrael operation: 

Hackers that are participating:

Mauritania Attacker (AnonGhost & Mauritania HaCker Team)
HUrr!c4nE (ajax Team)
Hitcher (MLA)
SAW-19, X-Line, V!rus No!r (Moroccan Hackerz)
Foxy, MR@T0RJAN (Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team)
PLiiiJl (Anonymous Syria)


  1. AnonGhost
  2. Mauritania HaCker Team
  3. Ajax Team 
  4. MLA 
  5. Moroccan Hackerz
  6. Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team
  7. Anonymous Syria
  8. ZHC
  9. The Hackers Army

The teams that you can see above have a reputation of hacking. AnonGhost for example has hacked over 50 Israeli websites in the last 24hours. We are wondering what Israel will do and who will respond to the #opIsreal threat. 

Videos spreading on Youtube

As we get closer to the 7th of April it seems that multiple videos are popping up on the video sharing website Youtube.com 


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