Guide: How to find the darknet or deepweb

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The Darknet or Deepweb is a collection of un-indexed domains that are not being indexed by search engines. An estimation from 2011 reported that there is over 600 terabytes of data on the Darknet.

The Darknet is used by activists, journalists, military & law enforcement and by people like you and me. The other side of the Darknet is that there are also people that perform illegal activities there. Scams and hoaxes can be found there and illegal pornographic forums are alive there too.

There are a lot of traps in the Darknet. Be careful when you walk in the shadow.

Onion websites on the Darknet

Any website that ends in ".onion",are hosted as Tor hidden services – a completely anonymous way to host websites. They’re part of the Darknet – an invisible part of the Web that’s not visible to search engines and normal users. It’s full of websites for users obsessed with privacy and anonymity online.

How to find .onion domains

The first thing you will need is a client that will allow you to access the .onion domains. The client you will need is named TOR. This program will allow you to view pages on the Darknet. TOR also provides an extra layer of security as it works as an anonymizer that helps to keep you hidden. 

Follow the instructions provided by the TOR service to install the TOR program correctly. 

Download the Tor client here from the official website.

Go to the Core onion entry point 

One of the famous page on the Darknet is the Core.onion page. This page has served as an entry-point to the .ion network since July, 2007. 

The Core.onion page can be found here: 


Talk .onion
This is the onion main forum



Tor Status

Duck D​uck Go 
Search Engine

Hush Box
Message sharing platform

The follow step in the Darknet is to find the Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is an index of all kinds of various pages. The last time (2012) Cyberwarzone reported on the Hidden Wiki we showed how the people on the Darknet sell weapons and how close everything is when you start thinking about it. 

The Hidden Wiki 2013

The Hidden Wiki can be found in the Darknet, the hidden wiki serves as an index page that allows visitors to navigate through the Darknet. There are a lot of services that might be very interesting to click on, but do remember that there are also a lot of traps on the Darknet.

The Hidden Wiki can be found here:


Index of the Hidden Wiki 

The Hidden Wiki that can be found on the Darknet has a lot of various links. Below you will see the Hidden Wiki (29/5/2013)

Editors pick on the​ Darknet

  1. The Matrix - Nice to read.
  2. List of Anonymous Networks - Try these out and learn from them.
  3. How to Exit the Matrix - Protect yourself and your rights, online and off.
  4. Verifying PGP signatures - A quick how-to to get started. 

Volunteer ToDo on the Darknet

Bored? Here are five random things to help out with

  1. Plunder other hidden service lists for links and place them here.
  2. File the SnapBBSIndex links wherever they go.
  3. Set external links to HTTPS where available, good certificate, and same content.
  4. Care to start recording onionland's history? Check out Onionland's Museum.
  5. Perform Dead Services Duties

Hidden services on the Darknet

Volunteers last verified that all services in this section were up, or marked as DOWN, on: 2013-04-04

OnionLand link indexes and search engines.

  • The Abyss - Tor Search Engine. From the admin of TorStatusNet.
  • OnionBookmarks - Keep bookmarks private or share with public.
  • OnionList Onion Link List and Vendor Reviews.
  • TORDIR - Categorized link list of Tor, user submitted. Also a PM service.
  • Sites Deep Web - A small list of onion links.
  • Core.onion - Simple onion bootstrapping.
  • Deepsearch - Another search engine.
  • TORCH - Tor Search Engine. Claims to index around 1.1 Million pages.
  • TORLINKS - Directory for .onion sites, moderated

Financial services on the Darknet

Currencies, banks, money markets, clearing houses, exchangers.

  • The Green Machine - Best place for stolen paypal accounts with balances & CC's. awesome vendors!
  • OnionWallet - Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry.
  • Bitcoin Financial - Anonymous visa cards and offshore bank accounts, No ID Required.
  • Double your Bitcoins - Service that doubles your Bitcoins.
  • OnionBC Anonymous Bitcoin eWallet, mixing service and Escrow system. Nice site with many features.
  • HakPal - Buy hacked PayPal accounts instantly with verified balances.
  • Crown Risk Industrial Espionage Agency and Commerce.
  • Paypal Heaven - Lots of Paypal Accounts with diferent balances.
  • EC-Store - High quality euro counterfeits.
  • CoinCleaner - Bitcoin laundry (mixing) service, with low fees.
  • WHMX Counterfeit - WHMX - 20 EUR / 20 USD Counterfeit money. High Quality.
  • CC4ALL - CCs and dumps from EU/USA! (Bitcoin)
  • Onion Dump Shop Skimmed credit card dumps with PIN from everywhere. 24/7 delivery.
  • MisterV HighQuality CCs, selfished. From time to time dumps in stock.
  • CCParadise Selling cheap full info CCs and dumps+pin.
  • Cyberia Automated shop with huge assortment of CC info, dumps + PIN and different accounts.
  • Picasso's Counterfeits - High quality US$100.
  • CCPlanet - Best Autoshop for Credit Card mostly EU and US Fullz.New stocks,several sellers with automated Bitcoin system 

Commercial services on the Darknet

  • Silk Road - Anonymous marketplace with escrow (Bitcoin).
  • Sheep Marketplace - Anonymous marketplace with escrow (Bitcoin).
  • NSD CC Store - First AUTOMATIC CC Shop. 36.000 CC available.
  • Amazon Business Selling Amazon Gift cards(cheap)! Accepting orders on carded electronic/items. 50% of retail price!
  • Project Evil - Cheapest provider of psilocybin mushrooms on the deep-web. Also providing an Administrated Wiki and Virtual Private Servers. More features coming soon!
  • Passport and ID Central -- Provider of USA and EU Passports and Identification provider.
  • Portman Cigars - Selling fine cigars from Cuba and other countries.
  • Arms International - Buy guns worldwide, Bitcoin only.
  • Deep Store - Deep Store sells new and original Apple products for 50% of the retail price!
  • Drug Market Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs. Ships from USA.
  • Kamagra for Bitcoin - Same as Viagra but cheaper!
  • - Best place .onion Buy buy accounts $10,000 for under 7 BTC, $1,000,000 only $4,000, a $16,000,000 for $64,000
  • CStore - CardedStore - Electronics, purchased with carded giftcards. Everything Brand new. Escrow accepted.
  • Hidden Apple - Apple Electronics.
  • Mr. Wholesale - Selling Apple iPhones in bulks.
  • FoxFire Slots - FoxFire Slot Machine and Casino Game, Bitcoin supported, better odds than Vegas, Takes a minute to load, NEW FREE MODE
  • MSR-Shop - MSR-Cardwriters for sale.
  • Free Herb Society - Medical marijuana marketplace(no chems allowed), no fees to start selling. Invite only, apply at /signup/apply
  • Mobile Store - Factory unlocked iphones and other smartphones.
  • Prog Services - Deep web programmers for hire.
  • Hackintosh - Apple products for Apple lovers.The old "Apple's TOR" from 2K10 is back with more products
  • Arms International - Buy guns worldwide, Bitcoin only.
  • Tor web developer - Anonymous web developer for hire.
  • UK Guns and Ammo - Selling Guns and Ammo from the UK for Bitcoins.
  • EuroArms - European based weapon-dealer. Escrow accepted.
  • 2nd-id - We have made ​​it our mission to provide you with some interesting products that make it possible, regardless of any reason to hide your true identity behind.
  • Rent-A-Hacker - Hacking, DDOS, Social Engeneering, Espionage, Ruining people.
  • Marianic Technology Services - Enterprise darknet IT, web design, CS homework help, OPSEC consulting, sysadmin, linux support.
  • Brand New Microsoft Products - Brand new Microsoft Hardware/Software up to 80% off Retail price. Start your own eBay/Amazon Business.
  • EuroGuns - Your #1 european arms dealer.
  • Onion Identity Services - Selling Passports and ID-Cards for Bitcoins.
  • White Wolves - Research - Intelligence - killing Pro services (Cash)!
  • HQER - High quality euro bills replicas / counterfeits.
  • Skimmers for SALE and RENT - No more fake CC IDs, make your own!!
  • BitJack21, [clearnet - Bitcoin Blackjack.
  • USD Counterfeits - High quality USD counterfeits.
  • Double Or Nothing Bitcoin gambling with hash-based verification. Kamikaze, Roulette, and more! New games available by request.
  • Tor Learn - Learn carding, hacking, drugs cooking, everything!
  • How to make a bomb How to make a professional and powerful bomb for less than 100 USD.
  • Tor Poker - Tor Poker, gamble Bitcoins playing 5 card draw.
  • USA Citizenship - Become a citizen of the USA, real USA passport.
  • Help Guy - Work in your interests, business partner, friend or whatever else.
  • Arms International - Buy guns worldwide, Bitcoin only.
  • All Purpose Identities - Get your Fake ID in the form of US and Canada Drivers Licenses, passports and many more
  • Hitman Network - Group of contract killers from the US/Canada and EU.
  • Buttery Bootlegging - Get expensive items from major stores for a fraction of the price!
  • Gun Guys Den (Sell's Firearms to Canada and US)
  • Red Dog Gaming - The Biggest and Best Casino on Tor: Baccarat, BlackJack, Keno, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Sports Book, Deposit Bonuses! Play Now!
  • Terminal Velocity United States Identification Store.
  • PPSEE - The PayPal-Shop extreme Experience! (Bitcoin) (under construction)
  • Tor University (#1st) -
  • Bidcoin - Like Ebay. We increase the gross national product.
  • ccPal - CCs, CVV2s, Ebay, Paypals and more.
  • Fixed Match Service - Fixed Match Service. Lets you buy into fixed sporting events.
  • Cheap SWATTING Service - Calls in raids as pranks.
  • Data-Bay - Buy and sell files using digital currency.
  • Tor University (#2nd) - Research and Writing services for the college student.
  • Pirax Web DDoS - Take out your enemies in seconds.
  • Onion-ID Get your 2nd identity from Onion-ID, real passports and proffessional id card + drivers license replicas.
  • High Quality Euro Counterfeits High quality faked 50€ bills for 20€ each.
  • Hacking Services - Hacks IM and Social Nets, does DDoS, sells bank/credit/paypal accounts. Se Habla Espanol.
  • Slash'EM online - Super Lots'A Stuff Hack-Extended Magic tournament server (Bitcoin).
  • BacKopy - Sells game, software and movie discs (Bitcoin).
  • UK Passports - Original UK Passports.
  • North American Killers - Professional and cost effective hitmen in North America.
  • Flip the coin, get the money! - A simple coin tossing game with 50-50 chance.
  • Assassination Market - A market following the "Assassination Politics"
  • USfakeIDs - High quality USA Fake Drivers Licenses.
  • Underground Market Board 2.0 - New secure and improved UMB.
  • Downloaditforyou - File Download Service. We download files, burn them to DVD's and send them to you in the mail.
  • MoreCashForLess - Sell your bitcoins for counterfeit Australian currency.
  • Arms International - Buy guns worldwide, Bitcoin only.
  • [1] - system software development for unix systems, design and implementation of fault resilient networks
  • American Dream - Get a new identity(legal citizenship) in the United States
  • Verified Paypal Accounts - Verified PayPal accounts for sale, very cheap, comfy and fast.
  • Torfl - Bitcoin Raffles and Bonus Draw.
  • GetItNow! - Similar service to BacKopy, provides DVDs of movies/games/etc. (BTC) 

Hosting / Web / File / Image on the darknet

  • Very Cheap Darkweb Sites! - FIXED CHEAP RATE! Get your own .onion site fully developed!
  • TorShare - Free fast filehosting service. Max 2GB. No illegal files allowed.
  • Project Evil Hosting -- Professional quality virtual private servers starting at 20 USD / month.
  • - This is an etherpad service hosted by Riseup.
  • torhost.onion - Anonymous secure account, Personal .onion address, Unlimited bandwidth, PHP support, SQLite support, SFTP access.
  • OnionHosting - Hosting Service with PHP/MySQL/SFTP access from the admin of the TorStatusNet.
  • TorShops - Get your own .onion store with full bitcoin integration.
  • TOR Upload Service - A private place to hold your files with no limits
  • The Onion Cloud - Tor/ownCloud based cloud. Login/Pass: public/public.
  • bittit, clearnet - Host and sell your original pictures for Bitcoins.
  • Mystery File a Day - Want to see something cool?.
  • CircleServices - Mixie's place. Provides: Circle-Talk, TorPM, ImgZapr, SnapBBS, qPasteBin, AnonyShares, Circle-IRC.
  • Anonyshares - File upload up to 10MB.
  • qPasteBin - A pastebin.
  • PasTOR - Another pastebin like service with optional password protection.
  • Onion Fileshare - 2GB Upload file size limit. Upload any files you want.
  • ES Simple Uploader - Upload images, docs and other files. 2 MiB upload limit.
  • IMGuru (More info) - Fast GIF/JPEG host. No images removed. If you get the error Invalid File, retry the upload. .
  • SquareBoard - Upload and share high quality images. (Moderated)
  • sTORage - Upload files. Has WebDAV support.
  • TorBin - Encrypted JS-based pastebin
  • Onion Image Uploader - Image Hosting. 2 MiB upload limit. Generates medium thumbnails.
  • Freedom Hosting (More info) - Hosting Service with PHP/MySQL. As of 2011-06-04, it hosts about 50% of the live OnionWeb by onion.
  • PasteOnion - Paste and share text, sources, whatever. You can make your paste public or set a password.
  • QicPic - Upload any type of file. Caches and compresses uploaded files to decrease loading time.
  • Liberty's Hackers Service and Hosting Provider in onionland - php5/mysql support - request considered on a case by case
  • ANONSERVER - Tor Webhosting for Bitcoin. PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python Web Framework, Ruby on Rails. Also shells.
  • anonHTML - anonymous plaintext and (rendered) HTML hosting
  • Onionweb filehosting - Filehosting service. 100MB upload limit, no illegal files allowed.
  • TOR Developer - WEB Development, CMS, Shop-Systems. Client/Server Programming, Linux, Absolute discretion and anonymity guaranteed
  • Arms International - Buy guns worldwide, Bitcoin only. 

Blogs on the Darknet

Forums / Boards / Chans

E-mail / Messaging

The compendium of clearnet Email providers.

Politica​l Advocacy

More can be found

On the Darknet Hidden Wiki there are more links. CWZ simply does not put them on the Cyberwarzone page as Google will not allow those keywords. 

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