Future cyberwarfare stories

We are the generation that has experienced the first 20 years of cyber warfare now just imagine how future war stories would be like if the world changed to cyber warfare and stopped using humans in the front line. 

Your grand children would ask you about your war stories and you would tell them that you were attacking the Great Chinese firewall and that you got stuck in the Firewall. You had your army of bots ready and your Trojans were getting aligned to do their job. It was a epic view to see the army of bots and Trojans. The Chinese had their army ready to but they were weak. We attacked the power supply of the great firewall and we took the Firewall down. We injected our Trojans and we hijacked the army of the Chinese. We were victorious - but as we took China, the allied forces of China - Iran and Russia joined the army of the Chinese and countered us back to our own servers. We lost some good servers that day...