Flappy Bird Hoax: Developer Dong Nguyen commited suicide & brother fight till death

No, the Developer of Flappy Bird did not commit suicide and the argue of the brothers was not lethal. There is a new HOAX spreading which claims that two brother had an argue about 'Flappy Bird' which resulted in the death of one of the two brothers. The other HOAX is that the developer of Flappy Bird took his own life after stress.

The fake 'Flappy Bird Developer Dong Nguyen" text 

'Flappy Bird was generating an estimated $50,000 daily just off in game advertisements. Dong Nguyen apparently could not handle the publicity as he said “It is not anything related to legal issues, I just cannot keep it anymore.” Nguyen was also posting similar tweets on his Twitter account. Authorities are still investigating the suicides as well as trying to find out Nguyen’s motives for taking down the famous game, Authorities believe it could have been death threats.'

Flappy Bird Hoax

As you can see in the image above the HOAX is trying to generate traffic to the website Huzlers[dot]com. Which will show you the following article.  

Flappy Bird Hoax

Flappy Bird Developer Dead HOAX

Not the first time

This is not the first time HOAXES are being made to trick users with Flappy Bird. Earlier this week we published an article about a 'Flappy bird' trainer which would grant you each medal and unlimited lives. Weil as you already suspected, it was a fake application. 

Flappy Bird Malware

We noticed that the has published an article on how you can download the Flappy Bird game while it is not available in the iphone and android stores. You will need an SD card and the Flappy Bird APK files.