Facebook malware: Shocking video shark eats a teenage girl in the ocean

Hackers are using a new video that tricks the users by promising them a video that shows how a shark eats a teenage girl in the ocean. The hackers are spreading the malicious application on Facebook so they can gain personal information, which they can use or sell for criminal activities. 

Shark attack teenage girl Facebook malware

As you can see above the website is filled with fake information. The columns on the left and right side are solid pictures. The comments that are shown below are also fake. The hacker uses a picture to emulate Facebook comments. This will stimulate the users to be tricked. 

Fake comments Shark Attack Facebook malware

This is not the first time hackers are using this template to trick users. We have been keeping track of the Facebook malware template. This is the type of versions that we have spotted:

  1. Nicki Minaj Facebook malware
  2. Rollercoaster accident Facebook malware
  3. Crocodile Facebook malware 
  4. Evil baby Facebook malware 
  5. Hand of child eaten by crocodile Facebook malware

Defend yourself on FB with these simple tricks

inform your friends to be aware of this virus.