EXCLUSIVE: Check your Facebook stalkers via your browser source code

There is an way to find your Facebook visitors. You won't be needing to install an application or sign-up somewhere. You will be needing an good browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and you will need to be able to view the source code of your own Facebook page. 

The first step is very simple. You will have to navigate to your Facebook profile.

This only works in Chrome, Firefox. Don't use IE or Safari. 

In the second step you will have to right click your window. Hit the "View source code" button and a new page will load. Once the new page appears you will hit CTRL+F (Search function) and you will search for the following string "OrderedFriendsListInitialData". 

Step 3: Once you have searched for the " OrderedFriendsListInitialData" you will get a list of numbers. These numbers are linked to Facebook users. 

Step 4: If you wish to view the profile that has visited your page then you can copy the number string and paste it behind your Facebook.com/INSERTNUMBERSHERE

I have tried to validate this and the first person that appeared in my list was my girl friend. So I think it works. 

Let me know if it works for you! 

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