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Team Cymru Research NFP is a specialized Internet security research firm and 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to making the Internet more secure. Team Cymru helps organizations identify and eradicate problems in their networks, providing insight that improves lives.

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This week we share some new research about the global distribution of open resolvers. We find some wild variation and some deeply disturbing trends in Europe and the Far East.



This week we share '10 Golden Rules' designed to keep your network users and consumers safe - especially the less technical ones.



This week we publish our latest 'Underground Economy Brief', entitled: "Criminal Commodities in the Underground Economy". 
This weeks show is an interview with one of the authors of that paper, providing a short overview of current criminal practices and trends, primarily in the area of credit card fraud, in a brief and non-technical style.



This week John Kristoff talks about "13 Things to Consider Before DNSSEC" - things to consider about your DNS infrastructure to make sure you address the fundamentals and common mistakes folks make. We cover the introduction and the first of the 13 tips in this episode, the remainder being covered in part 2.



This is the 2nd part of John Kristoff's review of the 13 most common mistakes that folk typically make in their DNS Security. See the introduction and first of the tips in part 1 of this weeks show.



This week, Marcel van den Berg walks us through a stunning new animation that depicts botnet malware analysis in a format that reminiscent of the video game Tetris. We've had to blur out some of the data for operational reasons but it's a great way to depict and understand malware activity over time.

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