Shadow Group: Sony hackers IRC chat leaked

Surfing the internet i found a "leaked" file of the Lulzsec Shadow Group chat in #NoxelCryto. In the IRC chat you can find several IRC chatters named:

  1. GhostFreak
  2. ghostpadza
  3. Noxel
  4. Shadowrunner

Several names come forward: 

  1. Clusterstorm
  2.  [RFI] ([email protected])
  3. *!*radar@*
  4. Apex ([email protected])

In the leaked file you can see that they are working on some data that they obtained.

Shadow group on Twitter. 

Shadow_Group twitter not available.


 * Now talking on #NoxelCryto
<GhostFreak> nm & you
<ghostpadza> same here.
<ghostpadza> where is runner?
<GhostFreak> idk
<ghostpadza> mmmh.
<ghostpadza> ok.
<GhostFreak> sup with Clusterstorm.
<ghostpadza> still attacking the servers.
<ghostpadza> and rooting this shit out.
* Noxel ([email protected]) has joined #NoxelCryto
<GhostFreak> ok. got some data off one of the servers.
<ghostpadza> thats cool ,can you send me?
<GhostFreak> yeah...
<GhostFreak> i will pm the link.
<ghostpadza> ok cool.
<ghostpadza> hello Noxel
* Shadowrunner ( has joined #NoxelCryto
<ghostpadza> look who is here.
<Shadowrunner> ?
<ghostpadza> i need that code.
<Shadowrunner> ok
<Noxel> hello
<ghostpadza> sup
* Bot ([email protected]) has joined #NoxelCryto
<Shadowrunner> hie
<Noxel> just finished scanning that server for vun
<ghostpadza> did you find anything
<Noxel> yeah , sql vun
<ghostpadza> ok pm me
<Noxel> ok.
* [RFI] ([email protected]) has joined #NoxelCryto
<GhostFreak> ghostpadza : i need to use your bot
<ghostpadza> for what.
<GhostFreak> ddos :D
<ghostpadza> what server
<GhostFreak> an irc server
<ghostpadza> ok it only have about 300-400 good connections
<ghostpadza> join #botnet and enjoy
<GhostFreak> thanks
<Noxel> GhostFreak , dont ddos anonops coz ghostpadza likes to chill there
<GhostFreak> lol, maybe i wont
<ghostpadza> :( ::<::
* ghostpadza gives channel operator status to Noxel
* ghostpadza gives channel operator status to GhostFreak
<GhostFreak> thanx
<Noxel> but for real dont ddos anonops.
<GhostFreak> i will then.
<ghostpadza> :(
* GhostFreak removes channel operator status from ghostpadza
* GhostFreak sets ban on *!*radar@*
* GhostFreak has kicked ghostpadza from #NoxelCryto (GhostFreak)
<GhostFreak> lol.
<GhostFreak> he likes anonops too much
* ghostpadza ([email protected]) has joined #NoxelCryto
* ghostpadza sets mode +Y #NoxelCryto ghostpadza
* ghostpadza gives channel operator status to ghostpadza
* ghostpadza joined on official network business.
<GhostFreak> lol ghost
<ghostpadza> why.
<GhostFreak> fazed out dude
<Shadowrunner> just finished. :D
<ghostpadza> cool
<GhostFreak> :P
<Shadowrunner> i will pm the link
<Shadowrunner> and the passwords
<ghostpadza> lol , the server admin will be pissed
<GhostFreak> yep
<Noxel> send me too , runner
<Shadowrunner> ok dude
* ghostpadza sets mode +a #NoxelCryto Noxel
* Noxel im bored
* ghostpadza removes ban on *!*radar@*
<Shadowrunner> you like it?
<ghostpadza> yeah. useful data
<Noxel> are we going to release the data
<Shadowrunner> No
<Shadowrunner> coz we dont need much attention
* Apex ([email protected]) has joined #NoxelCryto
<Noxel> ok
<Shadowrunner> only the systems adms will know its our work.
<ghostpadza> lol,
<Shadowrunner> ?
<ghostpadza> never mind
<Shadowrunner> ok. you mad ghost?
<ghostpadza> nah.
<Shadowrunner> so can you add me as adm on your bot.
<ghostpadza> wait for ghostfreak , to finish his thing
<Shadowrunner> ok.
<Shadowrunner> what you up to , freak
<GhostFreak> ddosing shit.
<Shadowrunner> lol.
<ghostpadza> im about to restart the server guys:::
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

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