RIPE NCC and the DNS Root Server System

The RIPE NCC operates, one of the 13 Internet root name servers.The RIPE NCC provides DNS root name service for the Internet at the service address.

The K-root service is provided by a set of distributed nodes using IPv4 and IPv6 anycast. Each node announces prefixes from in AS25152,A K-root node consists of a cluster of server machines running the NSD name server software.

The RIPE NCC is a not-for-profit membership association under Dutch law. It is governed by its general assembly and Executive Board.


k.root-servers locations

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Global Nodes: Amsterdam, NL • London, GB • Tokyo, JP • Miami, Florida, US • Frankfurt, DE
Local Nodes: Budapest, HU • Milan, IT • Helsinki, FI • Reykjavik, IS • Poznan, PL • Geneva, CH • Delhi, IN • 
Athens, GR • Doha, QA • Novosibirsk, RU • Abu Dhabi, AE • Brisbane, AU • Dar es Salaam, TZ

THe Root servers are operated by organisations often referred to as the "root server operators". They are

A - VeriSign Global Registry Services

B - Information Sciences Institute

C - Cogent Communications

D - University of Maryland

E - NASA Ames Research Center

F - Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

G - U.S. DOD Network Information Center

H - U.S. Army Research Lab

I - Autonomica/NORDUnet

J - VeriSign Global Registry Services



M - WIDE Project

The letters A-M represent the 13 numeric IPv4 addresses at which the service is provided. Each operator is repsonsible for providing reliable DNS service to the Internet at large from their address. Some operators still provide the service from one location with one or more physical machines.