Revealed: The German R2D2 that spies on Skype, Firefox and others

A group of hackers in Europe this week revealed the existence of a Trojan horse with evil purposes as well. Called Chaos Computer Club , the group says have done the reverse engineering of a trojan (named R2D2 ) able to record conversations on Skype, capture data entered in Firefox and various other nefarious activities. And while most viruses are created by hackers behind the data of people in common, the trojan differs on this point - according to the CCC, it was created by the German government .



According to the group, the trojan does not just record the activities of Skype and Firefox, but also Opera, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, Yahoo Messenger, and even-ons. And it comes with the kit spy virtually complete: in addition to recording Skype audio and do keyloggingbrowsers and chat programs, R2D2 has the capacity to take screenshots of the screen, save them in a file. jpg and communicate with a remote server not only to send the images as well as to upgrade its facilities.

Screenshot of code R2D2 | Credit: Sophos

After disclosure of the discovery, the anti-virus companies have updated their definitions to detect and remove this new threat, and christen it Backdoor: W32/R2D2.A thanks to string C3PO r2d2-POE-present in the code of the trojan . The firm Sophos goes further: they found a file leaked by Wikileaks in 2008 that contains a confidential memo from a state agency to fight crime and German software company called DigiTask, detailing the operation of R2D2.

The CCC says on its website that the German authorities are involved in the creation of R2D2, but Twitter, BKA officers, which is the German national agency responsible for investigating crimes, denied involvement with the virus. There are also 16 LKAs, which are state agencies for research, only that none of them has denied involvement.

With information: F-secure , Naked Security .




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