Pastebin Message from Cyber Warriors Team Iran: How and reasons to Hack NASA SSL Certificate

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          #      >> How and reasons to Hack NASA SSL Certificate <<    #

          in the Name Of Allah that ,is higher Of the atomic bomb

[  A message from Cyber Warriors.Team    #/CW.T from IRAN  ]

How and reasons to Hack NASA SSL Certificate.

This message is not Warning . This is fact Of Hack SSL certificate From Iranian Hackers.
I explain for You The details.Full details and more,we Send for NASA ( With Images and data source).

" We succeeded To write ( programming ) a https Protocol Scanner under DOS Service ( Sent the sources used ).One of the reasons The Problem ,Problem was in installing the SSL Service.
We were exploring and use  Of You Holes in https Protocol.

For further evaluation, We Extract CSS File . We have used the vulnerability of existing ( For identification and more information ).
We use the cavity  IN “ /external/login/ “ and Extract Username Column and Find Input details.
" We arrived at our first , With this validation "
Email:[email protected]
Username: admin, Password: write.

" This was Details " Full details and more,we Send for NASA with Email.

Our main work and we target Is in use.Our target was not Internet sabotage , Our Target was Do "MAN IN THE MIDDLE" attack.
( with using Confirmation obtained ) and also Clear the track after each connection in the network For Hide and Disclosing my presence in Two-way communication between.
But the problem still exists And its use isn't Hard For We (CW.T)
[ ] <<<<

we obtain User information for thousands of NASA researcher With Emails and Accounts of other users.
Send For You soon Videos of Man in the middle attack and Stealing relationship ( Addressing security managers at NASA ).

Next you will see Ability and Power of our team.

               / CYBER WARRIORS TEAM.
" C W.T " is a Iranian student group, Organized and Formed Of Programmers and Hackers.( Independently and separately )

  [    Long Live My leader     Long live the people of Iran    ]

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