Occupy Wall Street: Bankers data published by Anonymous

The operation of Occupy Wall Street of the hacker and activist group Anonymous has been continued. Again personal information DOX has been released on the massive copy and paste website pastebin.

This time they affected the head of The New York Community Bank, Joseph Ficalora and Kerry Killinger.

CabinCr3w targeted Kerry C Killinger and Joseph Ficalora

The information that has been spread diverses from mobile phone numbers, addresses and references. However the data from the leaks are quite old.

The question is: Are they relevant?

Kerry D0x - http://pastebin.com/ajuVhFGs

Josep d0x - http://pastebin.com/UsdgedeP


The operation "Occupy Wall Street" of the hacker and activist collective Anonymous is continuing. Again have unknown private information of famous bankers of the U.S. financial district posted online. The attackers described the move as retaliation for the arrest of protesters in New York.

Affected is the head of the New York Community Bank, Joseph Ficalora, and Kerry Killinger, Washington Mutual Bank of the up to its collapse in 2008 led. As reported Golem, set the Anonymous splinter group C @ b! n Cr3w the information of the two persons into the net. Affected are mobile phone numbers, addresses and references. However, data from the leak are sometimes ten years old, what is its relevance into question.

Anonymous threatens to arrest any demonstrators in one of Wall Street more data on important persons of the New York financial world to publish. There have been protests at the beginning of the action on 2 September, some 700 U.S. citizens imposed by the executive. Of police violence at this time was no question.

To the C @ b! n Cr3w recently made aware of when she published the personal data of a police officer who attacked a protester with pepper spray have. The boss of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are also already among the victims of hacktivists.

How close the actions of their target group seems questionable. To publicize the threat of further private data by bankers, for the executive branch should be on the street is no reason for a careful treatment of protesters.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported yesterday, meanwhile, failed by a DDoS attack on the website of the New York Stock Exchange. Therefore, Anonymouse have attacked the website of the Stock Exchange with several computers, but ultimately reached only weak overloading the server. The web server will still have been fully available to WSJ data.

Source: German news 



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