Invest in Cyber Security

This week, a group of computer hackers claiming to be from Rwanda boasted of having gained access to websites belonging to three commercial banks in Kenya.

This came hardly a month after an Indonesian trainee hacker embarrassed the country by defacing 107 Kenya government websites.

The Kenya Police website has been hacked several times.

The incidences seem to be increasing and hackers are becoming bolder in their acts as the downside of the investment in fibre optic cables becomes clear.

Kenya is among the countries that has aggressively embraced technology.

The government is planning to digitise all its services and several companies are toying with idea of cloud computing, an online storage of data.

Yet companies and the government still take the need to invest in cyber security as an option and not as an integral part of their operation.

A recent study showed that the bulk of IT specialists cite difficulties in convincing their employers to approve online security budgets as their greatest challenge.

This must change. The government and companies need to invest heavily in cyber security. The alternative to this will be costly to the economy.