The inside threat: Cyber Security Fake Consulting

cyber security fake consulting

The latest Cyber Security that was targeted by Lulzsec was the Cyber Security Consulting company Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC.As soon as the news spread about the Lulzsec attack the infosec community started a research on the Black & Berg company.

The first website that revealed the consulting company was the website Jaded Security. The article published on the Cyber Security company said that and i quote from the article:" broke a story back in February on how Joe Black has used social media to create his “Security God” image. Needless to say, they debunked the entire image. Unfortunately, real security guys are the only ones who actually read Attrition, and Joe Black was able to continue in his path to self proclaimed security god."



So when this news came up i questioned myself. Do we have the right people consulting our governments, companies, healthcare systems? Do journalists check up their information that they receive? How can we warn the unaware people on these issues?

As you can see on the picture above "fake" Cyber Security consulting hits high in the Google search page. So if you were an unaware company and you needed a cyber consulting company you would have tried to find one trough google using the cyber security consulting keywords. The Black and Berg company hits second on the first google page.

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The inside threat: Cyber Security Fake Consulting | Cyber Warzone



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