FBI expert calls for cyber warfare

So goes the humanity: World War II was replaced by the Cold War (Cold War), which was replaced by the War on Terror (War on Terror), which will be replaced by the War Cybernetics (Cyberwar). 

"Soon," said FBI Director Robert Mueller, during the annual conference of cybersecurity professionals in San Francisco, California on Thursday (1/3). 

"Cyber ​​crime is becoming a greater threat than terrorism. Be more dangerous to America than Al Qaeda," he predicted a greater authority to combat crime in the country, according to CNN and GlobalPost. Mueller (in photo) was the conference to raise cyber security professionals to cyber warfare. "Work with us," he said, to encourage professionals to become employees of the FBI. Companies hate to report security breaches. 

In general, prefer to solve problems privately, than run the risk of being exposed to or involved in investigations that consume much time, he explained. "There are only two types of companies: those that have suffered attacks from hackers and those who still will suffer.

They will merge into one category: those who have suffered attacks from hackers and those who will suffer attacks by hackers again, "he said."Keep the code of silence will not help anyone in the long run."

 He said that for now, the fight against terrorism remains the number one priority of the FBI. "But we expect, in a not so distant future, cyber threats will constitute the greatest danger to the country," he said. He also predicted the combination of the two threats: "Until now, the terrorists have not used the Internet to launch a large-scale cyber attack in the United States. But we can not underestimate the intention of the terrorists," he preached. 

After the attacks on twin towers of New York on September 11, 2001, the FBI has invested heavily in developing their technical and structural to combat terrorism. 

More than 100 anti-terrorism task forces were created in a joint effort with other federal security and intelligence, military units and local police forces, reported CNN. Now the FBI is developing a similar model to combat cyber criminals: created the squadron of cybersecurity (cybersquad), with 56 physical drives and more than a thousand agents and analysts with the task of policing the internet. 

The focus of the FBI has be the main threat groups: terrorists, coalitions of organized crime and cyber espionage sponsored by governments. "The hackers sponsored by governments are patient and calculating," Mueller said. 

"They have the time, money, resources to investigate and can expect. You can discover a security breach, only to discover later that the real damage has been caused in a much higher level," he said.

 The director of FBI did not mention China specifically, but other speakers at the conference did a week. There are predictions that the United States and China will be the names of the exponential Cyber ​​War - as were the United States, Afghanistan and Iraq in the War on Terror, and the United States and Russia in the Cold War.

 But it does not matter nor the U.S. nor China go to war declared, with large-scale mutual attacks: the two countries are heavily dependent economically, one of the other. While the war is announced, the vernacular of the country will thicken cyber with new vocabulary, coined mainly by American authorities and the media:

1) cyberwar (cyberwar),
2) cyberattacks (cyber attack or cyberataque)
3) cyber crime (cyber crime),
4) cybercriminal (cybercriminal),
5) cyberthreat (cyber threat)
6) cyberterror (cyber terror),
7) cyberterrorism (cyber terrorism or cyberterrorism);
8 ) cyberbattle (cyber battle),
9) hachtivists cyber (cyber hackers militants, who, according to U.S. officials, are the "wrong" side, as the group Anonymous, who sided with the Wikileaks)
10) cyberespionage (cyber espionage);
11) cyberspace (cyberspace),
12) cybersecurity (cybersecurity),
13) cybersquad (cyber squad );
14) cyber criminal syndicates (unions of cyber crime).


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