Facebook: This is what Facebook provides when the federal arm asks for your profile

The website superchief has posted an article providing information about; What does the police get when they ask for your Facebook data file? In the article you will find that everything that you do on Facebook gets logged and is available for the federal arm.

A group of Australian students released an article before about the facebook data file. Read more here.

The Boston Phoenix’s recent article on the Craigslist killer uncovered something very interesting in it’s research into how the web hunt for the killer was conducted; something neither it’s reporters, or the general public, had never seen before: The full results of a Facebook subpoena.
This is some scary stuff; for the first time, we can now see EXACTLY what Facebook sends when the Police, or a judge, ask them to hand over your information (view the full file here):
This is what it looks like:
Apparently, it’s a LOT of paper – three months of (fully comprehensive) Facebook data, in this case, adds up to 71 printed pages.
All Wall Posts and Shares
This is obvious, since these are more or less public anyway. Also, the subpoena was executed before Facebook Timeline and News Feed came out. A file compiled today would probably be a lot longer (and harder to read).
All your friends (and enemies)
The file also contains a list of the friends you still have as well as the ones you’ve deleted. Facebook, like a lot of web services, has a full memory of all your actions — the friends, the unfriends, the likes, the shares. Facebook is a million little bells that you can’t unring, at least as far as police investigations go.
All Your Photos

Public, private and even deleted.
Your ENTIRE Facebook Browsing History

When you click on someone’s profile, it’s logged. Other Facebook users don’t know you’re looking at their profiles, but Facebook itself most assuredly does. Or rather can, if the police come asking. (Every time you’ve looked at your ex’s profile? In there. Every. Single. Time. And you’re being judged for it. As you deserve to be.)
This is far from the first subpoena Facebook has cooperated with, just the first we’ve been able to look at. Here’s what the site says about its policies for cooperating with law enforcement:
We work with law enforcement where appropriate and to the extent required by law to ensure the safety of the people who use Facebook. We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, or other requests (including criminal and civil matters) if we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law. This may include respecting requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law under the local laws in that jurisdiction, apply to users from that jurisdiction, and are consistent with generally accepted international standards. 
(Pretty much completely cribbed from Buzzfeed’s post – but yeah, just like when Gothamist sold that dude who said Ray Kelly should be shot down the river, just goes to show you that “free speech” on the internet is a dubious thing at best, and a complete trap at worst; and the most awful part of it is YOU ASSHOLES ARE GIVING YOURSELVES AWAY by being jackasses on the internet, without them even having to SET a trap for you. They don’t have to do a god-damn-thing.)
(Oh and for fuck’s sake, change your name on Facebook)


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