Dutch Weapon Website leaking private information

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Antiekewapens.nl, a website about weapons, leaking all kinds of information from visitors, buyers and traders of weapons. 

That report Webwereld.nl Monday on his site. Webwereld spoke with Pompiedompiedom hacker who discovered the leak.

The website for antique weapons, according to him not only the data of 1961 users leaks, but also over 637 advertisements and 573 bids. "All the site is leaking,'' says Pompiedompiedom.

Owner of Antiekewapens.nl Gert Jan Zwiers admits that the site is leaking. "We are busy closing the leak," said Zwiers.

About the sensitivity of the data that he says that bad. "Antiekewapens.nl is a platform for lovers of antique weapons,firearms that every Dutchman of 18 years and older can buy

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