Download RefRef: The Anonymous DDOS tool


RefRef is a probably a new LOIC tool for Anonymous hackers that want to take down websites. The RefRef tool is supposed to replace the LOIC tool in September. 
Low orbit ion cannon are used to bring down websites. It sends a lot of requests to the server which makes the server unable to answer all the requests. 
You can download the RefRef tool here


The project is being supported by this donation website(s). ( Here you can donate to the RefRef people.

The RefRef ddos tool is supposed to look like this. 


Apparently, #RefRef uses Javascript and SQL to attack the target site and uses the websites own processing power to crash it. The software tool is platform independent and can be used off any device that supports Javascript including smartphones. from: 


 I am looking for the tool. Please provide the link to the tool if you have it. Any additional information is welcome. 

Twitter user: sc1on
We Are The @sc1on group. Developers of #RefRef - Management Has Changed. We Apologize for the DeadSpacePeriod - #AntiSec

Here Twitter user @sc1on claims that the #refref management has changed 

Update 2:

@Cyberwarzonecom We are the @RefRefGroup - Developers of #RefRef software. We are releasing in 3 weeks. (05 - Aug - 2011 message)

Update 3:

@Cyberwarzonecom We now go under the @RefRefGroup