The Cyber Security Network: Getting started

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The Cyber Security Network is the community to share news, resources, ideas, and papers on Cyberspace issues.

The Cyber Security Network is a community; a community needs members to become active. Most of the people that are interested in the community have a personal RSS feed with news resources they love to read.
By submitting these resources on the network other people will be able to read, discuss and share the article.
Once you start submitting resources you will see that you are able to categorize and tag your resource so you can search it back.
The Cyber Security Network also provides a “pointing system, each time you post a resources and it gets published you will earn karma points. At the moment the Cyber Security Network is still thinking about what to do with the karma points.
Users that place bad resources will get shutdown on the Cyber Security Network. They can be shut down in two methods; the administrator kill spams the user + ip and/or the Cyber Security Network users bury the bad resource. Once a user gets enough “bury” the user gets deleted from the Cyber Security Network.
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