A Cyber attack by US and Israeli hackers against the website of Iran's Press TV

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A cyber attack by US and Israeli hackers against the website of Iran's English-language 24-hour news channel, Press TV, has failed to take down the website.

According to the Press TV report, the attack against the website took place on February 18, from 07:50 to 10:05 local time.

However, the effective security countermeasures taken by the Press TV technical team foiled the cyber attack on the website.

This is not the first cyber attack on Press TV. On December 9, 2011 American and Israeli hackers attacked the Press TV website after the network broadcast footage a of the US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft, an advanced US spy drone which was captured by the Iranian military for violating the country’s airspace.

The recent attack against Press TV website follows a January 19 attempt by British technicians operating from Bahrain to jam Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting channels on the Hotbird satellite, including Press TV.

The blocked channels included provincial channels and a number of international channels such as Press TV, Al-Alam, Al-Kowsar, Jam-e Jam and Sahar.

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