Anonymous: Threatens to unleash a cyber attack

Anonymous is standing up for Occupy Toronto. Anonymous threatens to unleash a cyber attack on the city of Toronto. They will attack once the authorities interfere with the occupy protesters.

Greetings Canada. We are Anonymous.

We have promised not to get involved in the Occupation of Canada. Unless we have seen any unlawful acts, or any sort of interruption. Well it seems next week authorities want to put an end to Occupy movement in Toronto. We, Anonymous are taking that as an interruption, and we will not let that happen. We all have freedom of speech, and opinions to express, and they are doing it peacefully.

There is no need for you to put an end, to the occupation in Toronto. The brave citizens of Toronto are peaceful and well mannered occupiers, and we will not let the city, or the mayor that uses vulgar language in public get involved.

You have said that by next week the occupiers shall be removed. And we say by next week if you do not change your mind, you shall be removed from the internet. We have already planned for this, so if we see any interruptions, we will launch the operation that we have planned for a while. 

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.