Anonymous Operating System: OccupyOS

OccupyOS is a live cd that can be downloaded here. OccupyOS is a specialized linux distribution designed to provide a secured environment.

Activists can use OccupyOS to edit and publish documents, browse the internet anonymous and secured.

The OccupyOS contains the following features:

  1. Anonymous web browsing (Using TOR or VPN’s)
  2. Encrypted voice chat & conferencing (Using Mumble)
  3. Encrypted instant messaging (Using Pidgin-OTR & Xchat-OTR)
  4. Advanced image editing (Using GIMP)
  5. Secure hard drive wiping tool 


occupyOS is a specialized Linux distribution designed to provide a secure environment activists can use to edit and publish documents, browse the web (manage site, twitter, and facebook pages), and securely communicate both on the ground and with the outside world. It was designed with security and usability in mind.

NOTE: occupyOS is still under heavy development and an official stable release has not been made. 



occupyOS-1.0.0b1 - Nov 22, 2011

occupyOS 1.0.0b1 is the first (early) beta release of the new 1.x branch of occupyOS. The 1.x branch brings many several new features and software applications. Highlights include anonymous web browsing and internet access (using Tor or VPN's), encrypted voice chat and conferencing (using Mumble), encrypted instant messaging (with Pidgin-OTR and Xchat-OTR), advanced image editing (with GIMP), and a secure hard drive wiping tool.

You can obtain an ISO of occupyOS-1.0.0.b1 from the links below:

Verify your download with checksums or GPG.

occupyOS-lite 0.8 - Oct 23, 2011

occupyOS-lite 0.8 is a proof of concept development release which should be tentatively considered beta. Please send any feedback to [email protected] so we can get a feel for how this is being used and what functionality you are/aren't using.

Get it here: