Anonymous Hacks Tunisia’s largest political party Website

The website of Tunisia’s largest political party, Ennahda, was hacked in protest by a Tunisian cyber activist group affiliated with the international hacking group Anonymous.

The “hacktivists” wrote a message on, accusing the party for not doing enough to help the Tunisian people, and even called for the party’s resignation. The message said, “As long as there is no justice, there will be no peace, Nahdha. This is our message to you! Leave! Your time is over! You have done nothing for the Tunisian people! Out, now!”

One of the administrators of the hacking group said that the political party had done nothing for Tunisia “except bringing Ghoneim,” an Islamic cleric from Egypt. He said, “Ennahda did not do anything at all. Where are the 400,000 jobs? Where are the killers and snipers? Where are all the election promises?”

The man continued his rant, claiming that the moderate part had not taken action against Salafist attacks in the country. He added, “Where is the guy who dropped the Tunisian flag at Manouba University? We won’t stop, as they do not do justice!”

He threatened that the secret archives of Ennahda would be made public if the group did not begin to fulfill its promises. He said, “We have access to their secret files and we will publish them when the right moment comes.”

Ennahda responded to the attack, saying that the hacked site was not in fact the official site, which can be found at

The Ennahda party came into power in Tunisia in the first election following the Arab Spring uprising, which led to the ousting of previous president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

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