Anonymous To The Dutch Government 5 mrt 2012 (Video)

Hello People off Holland.This is a message from anonymous Holland.

we dont want the dutch government agree with the ACTA.

Poland was loud and clear, they not agree with the ACTA.

let this be a lesson for holland, if the dutch government agree with ACTA.Believe me this is NOT, a smard move.

we allready have our own ACTA, in holland,Called Anti piracy Brein.

we think its more then enough,this is a WARNING,dont agree with,ACTA.

or we will stand up for our freedom of internet. and the consequence are for the dutch government,

we are anonymous Holland. we are against,violence,but we can not,guarantee there wil no violence,if u agree with, ACTA.

if the dutch government take away,our internet freedom,we will take away your privacy and your freedom.

we want freedom on the internet.

Dont agree with the ACTA!

we are anonymous.

we are legion.

we dont want ACTA.

we never forgive.

we never forget.

u should expect us,