The Anatomy of an Anonymous Attack

During 2011, Imperva witnessed an assault by the hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ that lasted 25 days.

Our observations give insightful information on Anonymous, including a detailed analysis of hacking methods, as well as an examination of how social
media provides a communications platform for recruitment and attack coordination.

Hacktivism has grown dramatically in the past year and has become a priority for security organizations worldwide. Understanding Anonymous’ attack methods will help organizations prepare if they are ever a target.

  Our observation of an Anonymous campaign reveals:

  •  The process used by Anonymous to pick victims as well as recruit and use needed hacking talent.
  •  How Anonymous leverages social networks to recruit members and promotes hack campaigns.
  •  The specific cyber reconnaissance and attack methods used by Anonymous’ hackers. We detail and sequence the steps
  • Anonymous hackers deploy that cause data breaches and bring down websites.
  • Finally, we recommend key mitigation steps that organizations need to help protect against attack