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EC-Council hack: Did participant data get leaked?

NSA, GCHQ mapping “political alignment” of cellphone users

New information made public by Edward Snowden reveals that the governments of the United States a

The United States is leaking 1TB of data daily to foreign countries

Espionage, Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime it is all data.

VIDEO #DataMining the US election: Is your social media information being used?

Data mining and the US elections. is the latest site to suffer a password breach

Music website is investigating the leak of "some" of its

Hackers hold bank to ransom over stolen data

A group of hackers has attempted to ext

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security Cooperation: Bringing Nations Together

A discussion on cyber warfare and international cooperation as part of Kaspersky Lab's cyber con

Facebook: This is what Facebook provides when the federal arm asks for your profile

The website superchief has posted an article providing information about; What does the police get when they ask for your Facebook data file? In the article you will find that everything that you do on Facebook gets logged and is available for the federal arm.

A group of Australian students released an article before about the facebook data file. Read more here.

Download: Leak Sensor - Pastebin data leakage detection

Its purpose is to monitor Pastebin for sensitive, personal identification information (PII).Paste

Inside Threat: Contract Worker Steals Personal Data On 9 Million Israelis

A contract worker at Israel's Ministry of Labor and Welfare has been charged with stealing the pe