Remember the Halabja gas attack

The media is aiming their focus on the chemical threat that is posed by Syria.

Anonymous Message: Assad is not going to use Chemical weapons

AnonInsurrection has released a new video.

Anonymous Message: #OpSyria warns world against bio-weapons

Anonymous has released a new message regarding the conflict in Syria.

Syrian Sham Hawks rebels destroy SAA tank with improvised explosive device

The war in Syria is still going on between the government and the Syrian rebels.

Syria crisis: Obama warns Assad over chemical weapons

US President Barack Obama has warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad he w

The US Presidential Candidates on Foreign Policy

by Prof. Kamer Kasim, USAK

Rebels target air base in battle against aerial bombardment in Syria

Rebel fighters in Syria sought to move against the government's increasing use of deadly air

UN Syria envoy calls on Assad to implement cease-fire during major Muslim holiday

BEIRUT –  The international envoy to the Syrian conflict on Wednesday called on Presid

Cyberwarfare: How effective is Assad's cyber crackdown & their fight for survivial?

American journalist Marie Colvin was likely killed in Homs thanks to software that pinpointed he