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Opera 10.5 claims to be fastest web browser

 The debate about web browser speed never ends. When it came out, Firefox was considered speedy, but then Opera and Google Chrome kept recapturing the “speediest browser” title and the race hasn’t ended to this day. Still, Opera is the browser that has been focusing on speed the most, partly due to its Opera Turbo feature, which compresses web pages on Opera’s servers so users can get them faster.

Now, with Opera 10.5, the folks at Opera once again claim that Opera is the “fastest browser on Earth”. We’ve covered the variousdevelopment builds of Opera 10.5, but here’s another rundown of the most important features in the final version of Opera 10.5.

Opera has increased room for content on your screen by replacing the menu bar with the menu button. The new version also integrates with Windows 7/Vista, letting you access your Speed Dials, tabs and other features directly from the taskbar.