7 May 2013 #opUSA: Get ready, because they are coming for your money

#opUSA is initiated after #opIsrael was a success in the eyes of the people that participated in the attack.  Operation United States of America stands for the fallen people in Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan and for the people that died because of an drone attack.  The operation seems to focus on financial services as the "Poster" for #opUSA mentions that they will "Hurt the only thing the American government cares about money, time to hit them where it hurts".

#opUSA is going to strike harder than #opIsrael

Cyberwarzone had a chat with the founder of #opUSA and we asked Mauritania Attacker a couple of questions:

MA = Mauritania Attacker

CWZ:     You had #opIsrael and now you are going to initiate #opUSA, why?
MA:       The USA government is equal to the Israeli government.
CWZ:     Did you expect #opIsrael to be that large?
MA:       Yes.
CWZ:     Israel initiated an hotline for #opIsrael, do you expect the same in #opUSA
MA:       yea I expect them to do the same but the saw what happened to Israel and this time there will                 be more damage.
CWZ:     A lot of global infosec specialists say that these attacks are for kids; what do you think about       that?
MA:       nope,  they just ignore a lot of things about the Cyber World ,but we did made Israel lose 3 billions,  do u think that is for kidz?
CWZ:     Thank you for your time.

Mauritania Attacker provided us the following link of their #opUSA pastebin. Mauritania Attacker  added that some teams chickened out.

The Pastebin file shows which teams are going to participate in the attack on the 7th of May 2013.

# AnonGhost Team :
# TheHackersArmy :
# Mauritania HaCker Team :
# Moroccan Hackers :
# Anonymous Tunisia
# Ajaxteam :
# MLA :
# ZHC (Zcompany Hacking Crew).
# Khorasan Hackers Army Team.
# The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam cyber fighters Team.

What did we learn from #opIsrael?